Vera Valor adding a touch of luxury to Coiniverse


30 May 2022
French based company Vera Valor are the latest mint to join forces with Coiniverse, offering users of the app luxury gold and silver creations.

Vera Valor as Coiniverse’s newest member mint offers coin collectors from around the world gold and silver creations that showcase the purity and fineness of these exceptional metals at the highest level.

Marylène Camus, International Business Developer at Vera Valor, said:

'Our Luxury Private Mint has always remained true to its values and mission: making exceptional quality solid gold and silver products accessible, enabling a different kind of legacy, transcending the unique.

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'That’s why we have chosen to create our own coins and partner with the greatest coin-making facilities in the world. We feel that Coiniverse is a perfect fit for us because they also aim to exceptional quality combining it with inventiveness, innovation and numismatic expertise.'

Mikko Sievänen, Head of Digital Development of Mint of Finland, said:

'With Vera Valor as our newest member, we’re excited to further expand the network of mints behind the development of Coiniverse.

'I am certain that Vera Valor’s gold and silver products are valued by our users and I’m happy to present them to our active, and constantly growing, community of modern coin collectors.'