The world's first inverted 50p celebrates iconic Emperor Penguins


04 May 2023
The new limited edition coin from Antarctic Territory was issued on World Penguin Day

The new coin, created by Pobjoy Mint, is legal tender of the British Antarctic Territory and has a limited release of 1,950 coins.

For the first time ever on a 50p coin, the new release features an inverted relief, in this case showing the penguins. 

World Penguin Day takes place on 25 April each year, which corresponds to the time that the Emperor Penguins start their annual migration. 

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The Emperor Penguin, which is unique to Antarctica and found all around the coasts of the Antarctic continent, is the world's tallest and heaviest penguin species. It is the only species to inhabit the open ice of Antarctica during the winter. In October 2022 it was declared a threatened species due to the risk posed by climate crisis; the penguins face complete eradication due to the loss of sea ice due to global warming and ocean acidification.

The coin has been approved by Buckingham Palace and carries the effigy of King Charles lll. It is also available in a limited edition of 175 50p Inverted Proof Sterling Slver.

Issue date: 25 April 2023