Your guide to the Rugby World Cup £2 coin


08 November 2021
The UK's first bi-metallic, commemorative £2 coin celebrated the Rugby World Cup of 1999 which was held in England, Wales, France, Scotland and Ireland. Find out more about the £2 design in our coin guide.

The fourth ever Rugby World Cup was held in England, Wales, France, Scotland and Ireland, though it was Wales who were considered the hosts, qualifying for the tournament automatically and hosting the final in Cardiff.

The event was highly anticipated by sports fans and prompted The Royal Mint to issue the first ever commemorative £2 coin entered into general circulation. The coin features a design by medallist Ron Dutton showing a rugby ball and posts, along with the year ‘1999’ and the text ‘TWO POUNDS’.

The edge inscription reads ‘RUGBY WORLD CUP 1999’ and the coin featured the fourth portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley.

The tournament was won by Australia who beat France, 35-12 in the final at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. New Zealand winger Jonah Lomu scored eight tries during the event earning the top scorer title.

Is the Rugby World Cup coin rare?

As the first commemorative circulation £2 coin, this is one you’ll want to add to your collection, and copies can be picked up for just over £2, so it’s not too hard to find examples. There are no reported errors of this coin.

A Silver Proof Piedfort version of the coin was also issued and, for the first time on a British coin, featured a hologram on the reverse. This coin had a limited mintage of 10,000 and today retails for around £100-£125.

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