Reconstruction – Elephant, the latest from CIT


26 June 2024
The latest coin release from CIT is a tribute to the imposing Elephants of Africa in their untamed Savanna Power.

The new coin, which is a glorious meeting of modern minting technology and majestic grandeur has been produced using smartminting® technology. Thanks to this technique, the elephant rises across several levels through multiple silver segments, which breaks through the boundaries of the coin’s edge and creates a new uniquely shaped work of art. The result is an exceptionally surreal animal portrait in ultra-high relief. Sophisticated and ethnic design elements build a thematic bridge to the origins of this magnificent animal. 

Above: The new Reconstruction - Elephant coin from CIT has been produced using smartminting® technology which has made the ultra-high relief elements of the coin possible to produce.

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•    Item: 30749
•    Country: Cook Islands
•    Quality: Proof 
•    Face Value: $10 
•    Weight: 2 oz
•    Size: 45mm
•    Year: 2024
•    Material: Silver
•    Mintage: 999

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