New D-Day anniversary coins from Royal Canadian Mint


04 June 2019
Canada's involvement in the D-Day landings is remembered in new D-Day coins from Royal Canadian Mint.

On 6 June 1944, almost 14,000 Canadian troops landed at Juno beach in Normandy, playing a vital role in the top-secret D-Day landings. 

The troops fought to secure a beachhead on an eight-kilometre long stretch of Normandy coast and succeeded in pushing further forward than any of the Allies, despite the loss of many men.

D Day products

The new Royal Canadian Mint D-Day products are headed up by a $2 circulating coin showing scenes from the fighting at Juno Beach along with Canada's maple leaf symbol.

Also available are:

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  • D-Day at Juno Beach pure silver coin
  • Proof silver dollar
  • 7-coin proof set

To order the products, visit the Royal Canadian Mint website.

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(images copyright Royal Canadian Mint)