US Mint reveals design for 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial Silver Dollar


25 April 2020
The United States Mint has announced the design for the 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial Silver Dollar, celebrating the milestone 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

The 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial Silver Dollar commemorates the change of law which gave women the right to vote.

The obverse of the coin features overlapping profiles of three distinct women.

Each woman is wearing a different type of hat to symbolise the many decades the suffrage movement spanned. The figure in the foreground is wearing a cloche hat with an art deco pattern and a button with the year of the 19th Amendment’s ratification.

The reverse design shows “2020” being dropped into a ballot box, styled with art deco elements to indicate the artistic style of the era. “VOTES FOR WOMEN” is inscribed inside a circle on the front of the box.

United States Mint Director David J. Ryder, said:

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'This coin pays homage to the 19th Amendment’s adoption, and also honours the many pioneers, activists, and foot soldiers in the movement who fought bravely and tenaciously for decades to make the amendment a reality.'

Surcharges of $10 per coin sold are authorised to be paid to the Smithsonian Institution’s American Women’s History Initiative for research and creation of exhibits and programs to highlight the history and impact of women in the United States.

The surcharges will also assist in creating exhibitions and programs that recognise diverse perspectives on women’s history and contributions. The legislation authorises the Mint to strike and issue up to 400,000 $1 silver coins.

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