Your guide to rare 50p coins


14 October 2019
Discover the rare 50p coins issued in the UK, and find out which are most valuable, in our collecting guide.

The 50p coin was introduced in 1969, to replace the 10 shilling note and at that point the 50p was the world’s only seven-sided coin.

Fast forward fifty years and the 50p coin is perhaps Britain’s most popular coin, thanks mainly to the range of commemorative designs issued over the years.

For many modern coin enthusiasts the fascination with checking our change began in 2011 as the country counted down to the London Olympic Games. In an unprecedented move, The Royal Mint released 29 50p London 2012 coins into circulation, representing different sports set to take place in the capital the following year. 

Since then, 50p coins have enjoyed a growing popularity, with The Royal Mint releasing commemorative versions to mark events and anniversaries as varied as the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the books of Beatrix Potter and the work of Sir Isaac Newton. So which are the most rare 50p coins?

The most rare 50p coins

The 50p coins at the top of the list for value are:

  • Kew Gardens 50p - with a circulation of only 210,000, this is the coin to get… read more

Thanks to the latest Royal Mint circulation figures, we now know that the 2018 Beatrix Potter 50p coins are much scarcer than compared to previous years…

  • Peter Rabbit 2018 - a low mintage of 1.4 million
  • Flopsy Bunny 2018 - also 1.4 million coins in circulation
  • Mrs Tittlemouse 2018 - mintage of 1.7 million
  • Royal Shield 2017 - whilst just a definitive coin this was a low year in terms of mintage (1.8 million)
  • Isaac Newton 2017 - find out more in our guide
  • Jemima Puddle Duck 2016 - find out more about Beatrix Potter 50p coins

One other rare 50p coin, issued before the change in size of the 50p in 1997 (and so no longer legal tender), is the 1992-93 Single European Market 50p, worth around £50! Read more about the coin.

The rarest Olympic 50p coin is the ‘Football’ coin, which cleverly explains the offside rule.

A full set of the Olympic 50p coins usually sells for around £50 to £60. Most single coins sell for around £5 or less, the ‘Football’ 50p coin fetches around £8. The other scarcer 50p coins are Triathlon, Wrestling, Judo, and Cycling.

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