Unique coins recall Titanic tragedy


14 April 2022
Discover the range of coins issued by CIT to commemorate the most infamous maritime disasters of all time, the tragic sinking of the Titanic. And don't miss the unique addition… a tiny piece from the doomed vessel itself.

The Titanic. The tragic story of a cruise ship and an iceberg. It is hands down the most famous maritime disaster of all time.

Countless documentaries and movies have been made about the story. Just 160 minutes after the momentous accident happened on April 14th, 1912 the vessel sank dragging more than 1,500 people to an icy grave.

This coin range is dedicated to the Titanic and its tragic story.

While the reverse shows the coloured ship in full speed in ultra-high relief, the obverse tells the tale.

You can see the route across the Atlantic including the point where the tragedy happened. Furthermore, you have two different perspectives of the deck and cabin construction and the inner part of the Titanic. This might give you an idea why so many people were trapped inside the ship as it went down.

A unique addition to the coin

Just a handful of artefacts from the Titanic have made it back to the water surface as the ship lies at a depth of 3800 m (12470 ft.) at the bottom of the sea. One of them is an authentic coal lump which was recovered back in 2000.

This would have been used to power its massive steam engines. 

If you want to own a piece of the Titanic yourself, you may do so by purchasing one of the two silver coins or the one-oz gold coin, which feature an inlay of original coal within the elevation of the ship, placed at the exact spot where the coal was stored in the Titanic.

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The copper version, which was produced without the coal inlay, shows the passenger deck instead of the lower deck. 

Every single issue of TITANIC 2022 is a masterwork of modern minting craftsmanship that was turned into a small piece of art by employing a variety of technologies.

3D design

Thanks to smartminting®, the bow of the Titanic, which glides through the water with icebergs to its left and right, is depicted three-dimensionally. The discreet coloring imitates the original shades of the ocean liner.

Pay attention to the rearmost chimney! It does not emit smoke, just like the original one: the fourth chimney was exclusively used to vent the lower decks and the kitchen, which at the time had the largest cooking areas in the world with 19 ovens each.

The edge of all issues – except for the small gold coin – shows the most important facts about the Titanic in micro minting. An engineering marvel, it left the port of Southampton on 10 April 1912.

Its sinking made mankind realise the limits of modern technology.

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