New €2 commemorative coins issued


09 June 2023
Each year, countries within the euro area can issue two commemorative €2 coins. Among the recent coins issues are those from Finland, Lithuania and Spain.

These coins have one side the same as normal €2 coins but feature a commemorative design on their national side, which is unique to that country. Only the €2 denomination can be used for these special commemorative coins, but they are legal tender throughout the whole euro area.

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Among the recent coins issues are those from Finland, Lithuania and Spain.

Finland First Nature Conservation Act

One of Finland’s 2023 €2 euro coins marks Finland’s First Nature Conservation Act, which was enacted in 1923. The commemorative side of the coin features an illustration of a stylised beetle – Tragosoma depsarium.

The species is a member of the longhorn beetle family, which is classified as extremely endangered in Finland. At the top is the lettering ‘NATURE CONSERVATION’ in Finnish and at the bottom is the lettering ‘NATURE CONSERVATION’ in Swedish and the year of issuance ‘2023’.

The right-hand side of the inner part of the coin bears the lettering ‘FI’, while the left-hand side of bears the mintmark of the Mint of Finland.

Lithuania ‘Together with Ukraine’

The design on the obverse of Lithuania’s ‘Together with Ukraine’ €2 commemorative coin features a stylised sunflower in the centre, with petals that look like the silhouettes of people holding hands, embracing and protecting each other, embodying unity, support and the power of being together.

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The sunflower has been designed as the rising Sun, representing the hope of a new beginning, while the birds on the coin, symbolising freedom, hope and courage rising above circumstances, are also an allusion to those who have sacrificed their lives.

The composition is surrounded by the inscriptions ‘LIETUVA’ (LITHUANIA), ‘KARTU SU UKRAINA’ (TOGETHER WITH UKRAINE), the year of issue ‘2023’ and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.

Cáceres, Spain

The Old Town of Cáceres, in in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, is the subject of one of Spain’s €2 euro coins for 2023.

Cáceres was registered on the World Heritage Site list for being unique due to its historic features, which bear the traces of many influences, such as Northern Gothic, Islamic, Italian Renaissance and arts of the New World.

The design depicts a panoramic view of the monumental complex, specifically of the main square. At the top and in capital letters is the word ‘ESPAÑA’ and the year of minting ‘2023’.

The mintmark can be found at the upper right, while at the bottom in capital letters is the word ‘CÁCERES’.

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