Listen to Max Bygraves' 'Decimalisation'


14 February 2021
Commissioned by the UK government to help the public understand the forthcoming decimalisation of the nation's currency, Max Bygraves' single 'Decimalisation' was a catchy if rather cheesy tune that has largely been forgotten… until now!

Turn the clock back to the week of 'D Day', when the UK switched to a decimal currency, and the pop charts included memorable tunes such as Clive Dunn's 'Grandad', 'Your Song' by Elton John and, at number one that week, George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord'.

Months before, another well known artist released a new song that he, and the government who had commissioned it, hoped would climb the hit parade and have a similar influence on the British public as the former Beatle's chart-topper.

It wasn't to be. Max Bygraves enjoyed seven top ten hits over the years but 'Decimalisation', released on Pye Records in 1970, wasn't one of them. Listen for yourself and see if you think it deserved more acclaim (and listen out for the quick-talking 'rap' from Max at 1:10 mins)…

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'Decimalisation' was written by Ernie Ponticelli and Gordon Rees.

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