Hungary celebrates 75 years of the Forint


19 August 2021
The central bank of Hungary recently issued six collector versions of the 5-forint circulation coin in 12 million pieces to mark the 75th anniversary of the introduction of the forint.

When placed together the new coins spell out the word 'FORINT' and display the Magyar Nemzeti Bank head office at Szabadság square.

All six designs feature a section of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s building which display a representation of the building from an angle, when placed in the correct order. The letters in the word ‘FORINT’ are also part of the six coin designs.

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The typeface on the coins reflects the font used in 1946, when the first forint coins came into circulation. The face value sides of the commemorative versions are identical with that of the 5-forint circulation coin, and two million copies of each lettered version will be entered into circulation gradually, adjusting to the needs in cash circulation. 

The commemorative circulation coins are also available in special sets. Out of the total number of 12 million, 12,000 pieces of the first day mint (in UNC finish) coins of each letter are being offered for the collectors in serial numbered decorative packaging.