Historian Thucydides featured on new €10 silver coin from Bank of Greece


05 June 2019
The latest €10 coin in Greece's Greek Culture series features the fifth-century historian Thucydides, famous for his detailed descriptions of the struggles between Athens and Spartacus.

Thucydies the Athenian (ca460 - 400BC) is celebrated for his chronicle of the Peloponessian War that ended in victory for Sparta and the downfall of Athens. The historian was a general in this war but was exiled for his alleged responsibility for the loss of Amphilopolis.

During his twenty years in exile he wrote his influential study of the war, pioneering techniques such as cross-checking and on-site research that would be used by historians in the generations to follow.

Coin design

The obverse of the coin has a right-facing of Thucydides and the year 2019, whilst the reverse carries the official crest of the Hellenic Republic.

Coin details

Issue date: 13 June

Denomination: €10

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Metal: .925 Silver

Weight: 34.1g

Diameter: 40mm

To order the coin, visit the Bank of Greece website.

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(image courtesy of Bank of Greece)

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