Gates of Jerusalem, New Gate - latest in Israel Coins & Medal Corps Gates of Jerusalem series


16 July 2019
New Gate gold coin
Jerusalem's 19th-century New Gate is the latest addition to the coin series Gates of Jerusalem.

New Gate, as its name suggests, is the newest of the gates that mark the entrances of the walls that encircle the old city of Jerusalem.

New Gate was built in 1889 and allows access between the Christian quarter of Old Jerusalem and newer neighbourhoods nearby. It stands 790 metres above sea level at the highest point of the city walls.

Coin details

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The coins are available in 1oz gold, 1oz silver - both designed by Zvika Roitman - and previous coins in the series are:

  • Jaffa Gate
  • Lion's Gate
  • Damascus Gate

To order the coins, visit the Israel Coins & Medal Corps website.