Flamingos series announced by Pobjoy Mint on behalf of British Virgin Islands


23 August 2019
Pobjoy Mint has announced that its popular Flamingos coin series is now available as a six-coin complete set.

Each of the one dollar 2019 Virenium coloured coins is supplied in a new shape, in a keepsake album. The six flamingos featured are:

  • The American Flamingo
  • The James Flamingo 
  • The Chilean Flamingo 
  • The Greater Flamingo
  • The Andean Flamingo 
  • The Lesser Flamingo 

Celebrating the Flamingo!

The Flamingo is probably one of the most easily recognisable birds in the world - these tropical wading birds have long legs, long curvy necks and of course are pink. 

They are very social birds and live in colonies that can contain thousands of birds. These large colonies help the flamingos avoid predators and use scarce nesting sites more efficiently.

Flamingos are monogamous birds that lay just a single egg each year and if that egg is lost or damaged they do not lay a replacement. Their chicks are born grey or white and also with a straight bill which becomes curved after a few months.

Coin details

Metal: Coloured Virenium®

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Diameter: 28.40mm

Weight: 8.00g

To order, visit the Pobjoy Mint website.


For your chance to win one of two fantastic prizes - the Flamingos set and Pegasus coins, click here.

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