Commonwealth Games 50p coin


29 December 2021
The Royal Mint are marking the Birmingham Commonwealth Games with a new 50p coin featuring a geometric design. Find out more about the 50p in our coin guide.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games start take place in Birmingham between 28 July and 8 August, and will feature 19 different sports, including athletics, cricket, swimming and diving, and gymnastics.

To celebrate the event a new 50p has been designed by The Royal Mint. The new 50p coin features a design by The Royal Mint’s Natasha Preece, which features a striking geometric design.

How many versions of the coin are there?

At the time of writing, the versions available are included in the Annual 2022 Coin Sets, which come in the following formats:

  • Gold Proof 
  • Silver Proof Piedfort
  • Silver Proof 
  • Platinum Proof
  • Premium Proof 
  • Proof
  • Brilliant Uncirculated

The Brilliant Uncirculated coin has the following specifications:

Metal: Cupro-nickel
Weight: 8.00g
Diameter: 27.30mm
Obverse design: Jody Clark
Reverse design: Natasha Preece

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Other Commonwealth Games coins

A 50p coin was also issued for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, whilst four £2 coins were issued for the Manchester Commonwealth Games back in 2002.

The 2014 50p shows a cyclist and a runner in action, with the Scottish 'Saltire' flag. The coin had a mintage of 6,500,000 and has an estimated value of around £1.50.

The four £2 coins issued in 2002 are more scarce with the Northern Ireland coin said to be worth around £30! Find out more about these £2 coins in our dedicated coin guide.

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