Commemorating Alexander Graham Bell


11 August 2022
The Royal Mint is celebrating the great inventor's life and work with a collectable £2 coin

Commemorating the centenary of Alexander Graham Bell's death, the £2 coin is part of the Royal Mint's Innovation in Science series.

On 10 March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell achieved the world's first ever successful telephone transmission, which revolutionised communications. The new coin's reverse design, by Henry grey, shows the dial of a push-button phone with the words 'Pioneer of the Telephone' inscribed on the buttons. 

In addition to the £2 collectable coin, which is also available in silver proof versions, The Royal Mint have curated a historic set of coins relating to Alexander Bell’s life that were struck more than a hundred years ago. The set compromises three coins and includes a US $5 coin from the 1870s in honour of Bell’s breakthrough in Boston in 1878, a classic Canadian Sovereign, which commemorates Alexander Bell’s settlement in Canada from 1870 and a 1847 London Sovereign to mark the year of Bell’s birth.

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The issue date is 28 July.