Coiniverse 2.0 is here!


30 December 2021
Coiniverse introduces social features with you in control.

Now it is here – the first step in a series of social features in Coiniverse! With Coiniverse version 2.0, we are launching the first social features for the delight of our users. We are most certainly missing some features but we are already at full speed developing the next launch.

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We know that you are the expert when it comes to your needs, and so we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how to make Coiniverse an even better fit for you. Please share your thoughts with us and help us take the next right steps.

What’s new?

Browse community collections

With Coiniverse 2.0 we introduce a completely new “Collections” section. In this section, you can view public collections by the Coiniverse community. Find new inspiration, like interesting collections, and browse collections by different themes.

Updated user profile

We updated the part where your user profile lives. You can now switch your profile and collections public if you so wish. You can also add more information about your collection habits.

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Make your profile visible to others

Step 1

The first step is to set your profile visible. Unless you do so, you are not able to share your collections and get recognized for your hard work.

If you want some good karma and set your profile public, you can do that in your profile settings. For this, you need to select a profile picture and add your visible unique username. As a bonus, you will receive a special badge for setting your profile public.

And once you are on a roll, why not also add a short description of yourself and what you are collecting and select your interests. This way you can find like-minded fellow collectors and maybe even receive a special badge…

Step 2

The second step in going social is to select the collections you wish to share and set them visible in ‘Edit collection’ -view.

We value your and your collections' privacy. Your collections are not visible to other users unless you set them public. When you start sharing your collections, you just might also earn a brand new badge for your efforts.

Step 3

The third step is by far the easiest. Just browse through the collections of other users that you’ll find under explore view and show your support by liking them. Most liked collections will be presented on explore-view for everyone to enjoy. Maybe you get your very own collection listed there? 

What about my privacy?

With Coiniverse 2.0, you are in control over your user profile and collections. You can either choose to keep your profile private, or if you so wish, you can set it public.

You can add more information about your collecting habits and areas of interest to your user profile. You will be able to list and share your interests. You can also craft a profile description about you as a collector. 

With Coiniverse 2.0, you can also control what collections you want to keep private to yourself, and what collections you want to set public for other collectors to awe and enjoy.

Coiniverse 2.0 in a nutshell

All good will remain.

We have not removed any features from Coiniverse. Instead, we have added the first social features, so that you will be able to share your collections with other users. 

You are in control of your privacy. 

You have the choice of making your profile or collections public inside Coiniverse. We encourage you to do so for making Coiniverse even more fun to use. The decision is yours.

Upgrade Coiniverse 2.0 today!

Upgrade Coiniverse to the latest version 2.0 and discover the new features. We are working hard to ship the next new features. If you have suggestions and ideas about what should be inside Coiniverse, let us know. We’ll do our best to roll them out in the next versions.

Learn more about Coiniverse and download the application

Bring your coin collection to life with Coiniverse, the world’s first social coin collecting app. 

Coiniverse is developed by the mints of the world with the help of the collector community, and aims to transform the finest hobby on the planet into the digital age.

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