Arethusa on latest 'Numismatic Icons' coin


04 June 2023
For the 4th issue of the 'Numismatic Icons' coin series, we get acquainted with Arethusa. A captivating nymph and companion to the moon goddess Artemis in Greek mythology.

According to legend, she unknowingly bathed in a river belonging to the river god Alpheus, whom she inadvertently seduced with her beauty. Arethusa, wanting nothing of his advances, fled her home in Arcadia. Relentlessly pursued by Alpheus, she sought help from Artemis. The latter transformed the nymph into a stream under the sea, which emerges as a water fountain on the island of Ortygia in Syracuse, Sicily.

The Syracusan coins with Arethusa’s image are said to be among the most stunning of ancient Greece and regularly achieve record prices at auctions.

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In honour of the ravishing beauty, we proudly unveil three exciting releases – a 1-ounce silver coin, 1-ounce gold coin, and a half-gram gold Proof coin.

Item 30342
Country Cook Islands (the)
Year 2023
Face Value 5 Dollars
Metal Silver .999
Weight 1 oz
Size ~33 mm
Quality Antique finish
Mintage 1500
Technique smartminting® (Ultra High Relief)

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