Annual Canadian Proof Silver Dollar dedicated to VE Day 75th anniversary


08 January 2020
Royal Canadian Mint has announced that is has dedicated its 2020 Proof Silver Dollar to the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

The new coin, designed by Pandora Young, features an airman, sailor and soldier surrounded by a thankful crowd on VE Day in 1945.

The silhouettes stand out in a mirror-like finish, whilst a large "V" for victory at the centre of the coin and a 1945-2020 double date complete the design. This same illustration appears in the 2020 Fine Silver Proof Set, which features selective gold plating on the "V" and the rim of the Proof Silver Dollar. 

Karat Gold Coin

The airman's silhouette from the 2020 Proof Silver Dollar transforms into a detailed engraving on the 2020 $100 14-Karat Gold Coin – 75th Anniversary of V-E Day.

The reverse design by Ontario artist Laurie McGaw is a VE Day salute to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Against a "V" for Victory backdrop, a wing commander is flanked by a pilot on his right and a waving member of the RCAF Women's Division on his left. The pilot flashes a victory sign and the commander raises his hand to salute as a Spitfire fighter plane flies overhead.

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New France pioneer

The Mint highlights another chapter in Canadian history on the 2020 $200 Pure Gold Coin – Early Canadian History: New France, designed by artist Alan Daniel.  It depicts New France pioneer Louis Hébert and his family clearing land to grow crops for Samuel de Champlain's Habitation, the 1608 settlement that would become Quebec City.

Daniel has derived the location of Hébert's land from Champlain's own drawing of his settlement, with the fortifications visible in the background of the coin's design.

To purchase the coins, visit the Mint's website.

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