2021 Japan Coin Set (New 500 Yen Coin)


01 October 2022
Japan's annual coin set for 2021 has the theme of Japanese scenery, cultural properties, to introduce Japanese coins internationally, and includes the new 500 yen coin.

This year, the Japan Coin Set features “traditional Japanese patterns.”

The obverse of the cover case depicts cows, butterflies, dragonflies, plovers, comma-shaped design, lion’s-mane design, arabesque design, fish-scale pattern and motifs of stylized clouds and dew on grass, while the reverse depicts a motif of stylized clouds and six-handed design.

Experience Japanese beauty afresh through traditional Japanese patterns.

How to buy the coins

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The coins in detail

The coin set includes six Japanese legal tender coins issued in 2021 in brilliant uncirculated condition:

  • a 500 yen bi-colour clad coin (nickel brass cupronickel and copper)
  • a 100 yen cupronickel coin
  • a 50 yen cupronickel coin
  • a 10 yen bronze coin
  • a 5 yen brass coin
  • a 1 yen aluminum coin
  • A pure silver medal (Size: 17.5mm x 17.5mm, Weight: approx. 4.3g)
  • A plastic display case
  • paper packaging

Pure silver medal

Obverse: A rising sun (the design of Japanese flag) on two fans against a background of different traditional patterns of cherry blossoms (the same patterns as the background of the coin holder).

Reverse: A inscription of “Japan” and “2021” on stylize clouds against a beautiful background of two traditional Japanese patterns on iridescent colour shining technology.

New anti-counterfeiting technologies applied to the new 500 yen coin:

  • Application of new technology, bicolour clad, to the materials (two colour, three layer structure)
  • Application of “helical ridges with two different pitches” to the edge of the coin
  • Micro lettering and numbers will be inscribed on the inside rim of the front of the coin

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