World record for Elizabethan coin


29 September 2021
The recent Spink auction saw a new world record for the most expensive Elizabethan numismatic item, with a very rare gold coin fetching a staggering £480,000.

Record-breaking sale at Spink

The recent evening auction at Spink London witnessed an extraordinary white glove sale of The Horace Hird Collection of Tudor, Stuart and Commonwealth Coins and Patterns. 

Exceeding all estimates multiple times, the auction achieved over £2.8 million for just 52 lots (including buyers' premium). 

The auction also saw a new world record for the most expensive Elizabethan numismatic item, a world record price for Elizabethan artistic portraiture and a new house record for the Spink Coin Department.

An extremely rare portrait of Elizabeth I, with only two examples recorded, struck on gold coin alignment hammered staggering £480,000. 

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Enchanting image of Elizabeth I

The coin was described as:

A breathtaking canon of Tudor portraiture and most enchanting image of the Elizabethan form, struck on coin alignment with a light ochre tone overlying quite brilliant fields, extremely fine, of the highest rarity with only two recorded in gold, a truly momentous occasion being the first appearance at public auction since October 1956 and a Gold pattern that has evaded even the finest Numismatic cabinets both past and present, in NGC 'Horace Hird' holder, graded MS61 (Cert. #6135299-051).

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