US rarities sold at Stack Bowers


19 October 2019
The recent Stacks Bowers Galleries online sale of US coins and banknotes featured a range of rare examples, including a 1796 Draped Bust Silver Dollar which sold for $4,560.

The October 2019 Collectors Coins Online Auction - U.S. Currency & Coins sale at Stacks Bowers featured a wide range of US rarities.

A 1796 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. Small Date, Large Letters. AU Details--Repaired (PCGS).
Sold for $4,560 (£3,511)


A 1911-D Indian Quarter Eagle. MS-61 (NGC). Sold for £3,140.

1868-S Liberty Head Double Eagle. MS-60 (PCGS). Sold for £2,770

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1909-D Indian Eagle. MS-63 (PCGS). Sold for £1,709

1955 Lincoln Cent. Doubled Die Obverse. AU-58 (ANACS). OH. Sold for £1,290

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All images (c) Stacks Bowers –
$ to £ exchange rate correct at time of publication.