Roman and Greek rarities sold at Classical Numismatic Group (CNG)


12 October 2019
The recent electronic coin sale at Classical Numismatic Group (CNG) featured a range of Greek and Roman coins, including over 200 coins from the Michel Prieur Collection.

The range of Greek coins on offer included an intriguing stater from the ancient town of Kyzikos, dated around 550-450 BC.

The unique design features a facing gorgoneion (in Greek mythology the gorgons were sisters Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale, each with snakes for hair), her mouth open with tongue protruding through her teeth, and six coiled serpents rising from her head and another two from below her ears. The coin sold for £4,068.

Another stater from the same location and period also went under the hammer, achieving a price of £2,115.
The stater (18mm, 16.07 g) featured a Sphinx crouching left with right forepaw raised, and was double struck on the obverse.

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The selection of Roman coins on offer included an aureus (19mm, 7.09 g, 7h) from the Rome mint, from around AD 116-117, depicting a bust of Roman Emperor Trajan (AD 98 to 117), facing right. On the obverse the coins showed the draped bust of Sun God Sol, facing right. The coin was said to have 'numerous scratches and nicks, deep scrape on neck of Sol. Good VF.' Sold for £2,600.

An AR Denarius (18mm, 3.30 g, 7h) showing Julius Caesar and dated January-February 44 BC sold for £895. The coin was produced at the Rome mint by moneyer P. Sepullius Macer. The design shows a wreathed head, facing right with star of eight rays to left and on the reverse Venus Victrix standing left, holding Victory on outstretched right hand and sceptre set on star with left.

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