Rare Elizabeth I Angel sells for £3,500 at auction


24 May 2019
A rare Elizabeth I Angel that seldom comes to auction was just one of the treasures snapped up at recent auctions, as our round-up report reveals.

Isle of Man banknotes

There was an excellent range of Isle of Man banknotes in the recent banknotes sale at Warwick and Warwick, including a Dumbell’s Banking Company 1899 £1 note.

SOLD FOR: £492

17th-century Twopence

Stack’s Bowers Galleries recently sold a 1662 Oak Tree Twopence which had been struck on an irregularly shaped planchet with several clips around the edges. The auction lot description stated: ‘The most significant evidence for the double strike can be seen in the center of the reverse, where a few beads from a widely off center first impression are discernible. With a charm all its own, this heavily circulated survivor is sure to appeal to type collectors as well as specialists in Massachusetts Bay Colony silver.’

SOLD FOR: £1,460

Indian coin

Another headline-grabbing lot at the recent CNG auction was a Mughal Empire Mohur gold coin from 1605-1627. The Indian coin featured a beautiful ram, head right, recumbent left, representing the constellation of Varak/Mesha, Aries the Ram. The auction description stated: ‘Because many of these coins had been recalled and melted by Jahangir’s successor, Shah Jahan, original strikes are very rare. Collector restrikes were periodically issued over the following century, and though they are more often encountered than the originals, are relatively rare themselves.’ Price does not include buyer’s premium.

SOLD FOR: £152,171

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Rare Elizabeth I Angel

A very rare Angel from the Elizabeth I sixth issue was recently sold at London Coins and was described as being ‘only the third example of the Sixth Issue we have offered in the last fifteen years’.

SOLD FOR: £3,500

Fine guineas

The Warwick and Warwick coin sale also featured a wide selection of milled coinage of Great Britain, with the star of the show being a rare 1701 fine work five guineas which sold for a whopping £42,000!

SOLD FOR: £42,000

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