FESTIVAL MARKETPLACE: Quality coins from B and G Coins


19 September 2020
B and G Coins have specialised in British and Foreign Coins, Historic Medals and Tokens since 1977. See their latest coins for sale in the Festival Markeptplace…

Here are just three examples of the quality coins offered by B and G Coins - visit their marketplace page now to see more and add to your collection.


George III Halfpenny 1772 GEORIVS error - £525

Halfpenny 1772 GEORIVS error, S3774. Trace of lustre and some iridescence around the details. GEF

Anne Farthing 1714 Pattern - £1,280

Farthing 1714 Queen Anne Pattern, S3625 Rich Chocolate tone
A delightful Example of this sought after coin, GEF

George III Halfpenny 1795 Pattern - £525

George III Halfpenny 1795 Pattern late Soho by Kuchler Copper, tie-ribands detached from knot, reverse rusty die on lower drapery
Peck 1044, KH 4, brown carbon spot to r. of bust, NFDC, very rare

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