British Pattern penny realises £133,200 at Spink


02 October 2019
A 1937 Great Britain Edward VIII Pattern Bronze Penny realised £133,200 at a recent Spink auction in London.

The lot was part of the Waterbird Collection of rare British coins spanning six centuries, which were entirely certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®).

This 1937 Great Britain Edward VIII Bronze Pattern (proposed coin design) Penny never made it into circulation due to the King's abdication to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson in 1936, making the handful of Edward VIII patterns known to exist very rare.

Other highlights of the sale included: 

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  • An 1808 Great Britain Soho P-1346 Penny graded NGC MS 65 B, the only example of the date known, which fetched £90,000.
  • A second NGC-certified penny, an 1808 Great Britain Soho P-1346 believed to be a unique striking and graded NGC MS 65 BN sold for £90,000 .
  • Another pattern, this one a 1763 Great Britain Proof Pattern Guinea graded NGC PF 63 Cameo, sold for £42,000 . It is the only specimen certified by NGC and is a beautiful example of a mid-18th century English gold pattern.
  • A 1726 Great Britain 2 Guineas graded NGC MS 64+ realised £38,400.

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