US coin errors sold at Heritage


28 April 2020
Heritage Auctions’ recent sale of Error Coinage saw an array of intriguing pieces, including a Kennedy Half Dollar with three distinct strikes, which sold for £3,783.

1973-S 50C Kennedy Half Dollar -- Triple Struck -- PR64 Cameo NGC. An impressive Mint error on a proof, with three strikes boldly visible on each side. The date and mintmark remain visible on the final strike. Proof mirroring in the fields surrounds frosted motifs on each sequential strike.
SOLD FOR £3,783

1943 1C Cent -- Struck on a Silver Dime Planchet -- XF40 PCGS. In 1943, the Mint struck cents on zinc-coated steel planchets, so it is easy to see how a similarly sized, similar-colour silver dime planchet would have been unnoticed if it fell in with the steel cent planchets prior to coinage.
SOLD FOR £87,300

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Kennedy Half Dollar -- Struck 50% Off Centre -- PR65 Ultra Cameo NGC. Only the top half of this Ultra Cameo proof Kennedy half is on the elongated clad planchet. Amazingly, the proof finish is unaffected on the sharply struck portion, with an attractive orange band of the core visible along the truncated edge.
SOLD FOR £2,910

1977-S 5C Jefferson Nickel -- Struck on 10C Planchet, Clashed Dies. One of several remarkable proof errors in this sale. Oversized for the dime planchet, the nickel image bleeds off the misshapen flan, with die clashing visible on both sides.
SOLD FOR £3,200

See the full auction details at Heritage Auctions website

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