Coin auction round-up


10 September 2021
Discover the latest prices paid at auction in our regular round-up of coin sales…

A George VI Gold Proof Set from 1937 was the star lot of Tennants Auctioneers’ Coins, Tokens & Banknotes sale, when it sold for £9,200 (plus buyer’s premium). Comprising £5, £2, sovereign and half sovereign, the coins were as struck and housed in the Royal Mint case of issue.

SOLD FOR £9,200

The recent Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd sale included an Elizabeth II unofficial pattern swan silver dollar, dated 1967 and designed by architect and sculptor Andor Meszaros. With a milled edge, the uncirculated coin was offered in its original case.


Classical Numismatic Group, LLC recently offered a typically eclectic range of ancient coinage, including this Gordian I sestertius struck in April AD 238 at the Rome Mint.

The coin featured a cuirassed bust of Gordian I, who was Roman Emperor for just 21 days, and on the reverse an image of Providentia, draped, legs crossed, standing front, head left, holding wand in right hand over globe at feet to left, and cornucopia in left, resting left arm on column.

The lot was part of the Robert W. Bartlett bequest sold for the benefit of the American Numismatic Society.

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SOLD FOR £2,344

The ongoing interest in ancient coins was reflected in the prices achieved at the recent Bruun Rasmussen sale. Amongst the highlights was a Greek tetradrachm from the city of Antiochia in the Seleucid Kingdom, featuring a portrait of its ruler Antiochos V Eupator (164-162 BC).


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