Celtic coin records smashed


22 June 2020
Some world record prices were reportedly paid in the second sale of the John Follows collection of British Celtic coins recently held by Chris Rudd.

High lights of the sale included:


Tincomarus Alton gold stater, c.25BC-AD10, ABC 1052, found Lavant, Hampshire, 2014.
Sold for £14,000.    


Cunobelinus Wild Heart gold stater, c.AD 8-41, ABC 2780, found Suffolk, 20 February 2012.
Sold for £11,500.


Sun and Moon silver unit, c.55-45 BC, ABC−, found near Ancaster, Lincs. Sold for £7,000.    

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2:1 Montagu’s silver minim, c.50-40 BC, ABC 728, found near Pulborough, West Sussex, 2017.
Sold for £5,000.

Director Elizabeth Cottam said:

“This is the best sale we’ve had since we began holding regular auctions five years ago. There are probably three reasons for this. Firstly, as Olivier Stocker chairman of Spink recently observed, with millions of people confined to their homes ‘collectables are doing massively better than any other asset class’ (Insider Spring 2020). Secondly, there is currently a lot of interest in Celtic gold. And thirdly, there were many rare gold Celtic coins in this sale. Having said that, a couple of silver coins also realised surprisingly high prices.”

Commenting on the results collector John Follows said:

“I can’t complain. Almost half of the coins were sold for twice the estimate and three-quarters went for over £2,000 each. This is consoling for me at a time of grief – I could cry over saying goodbye to my beloved Celtic coins – because although I didn’t buy them to make money, I didn’t buy them to make a loss either.”

The third and final part of the John Follows collection will be 19 July.

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