Silverhammer Coin Auctions – setting new standards for integrity and community participation


18 August 2021
Silverhammer Coin Auctions is working hard to build a grass roots community around the pleasures of coin collection – and wants your help to do it.

With its first auction coming up in early September, Silverhammer (SHCA) is putting the finishing touches to an auction site that will make it easy for participants to enjoy themselves, experienced numismatists and beginners alike.

SHCA is aimed at collectors of coins, banknotes, tokens and medals, both serious and casual, as well as dealers and other industry professionals.

As Silverhammer founder, Maciej Zatorski, explains:

“We’re really focused on making everything easy to use and transparent, plus we are very conscious of security – not just with things like payment, but also in making sure we do everything possible to quality assure items at auction and the auction process itself. We really want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and confident to get involved.

"Coin collecting is an amazing hobby and for some it’s a livelihood. Whatever your level of commitment, your participation is important to us and it will be fun too!” 

Pricing is a key ingredient in this recipe.

Buyer and seller split the costs, with a Buyer’s Premium and Vendor’s Commission. Costs are modest and reasonable. Fees are expected to be less than 5% and in some cases the Vendor’s Commission can be as low as 0%. This sense of fair play is important and is designed to encourage coin collecting throughout the UK. Seller’s subscriptions are also available, to suit both private and business customers.

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Security is a priority

Any collector knows the risk of being sold a forgery. Although SHCA recognise that 100% immunity is difficult to guarantee, they are still actively chasing this holy grail. The payment gateway will be secure, naturally, and other features include Anti-scam Radar, account & identity verification and of course honest participants!

The numismatic community will be able to play an important role to help safeguard collectors by reporting any suspicious items by one click on a Notice, Report, Remove basis.

Moderators – Silverhammer needs you!

SHCA are recruiting moderators – whether you have broad general knowledge or specialise in one aspect of numismatics, Silverhammer are keen to hear from you. If you are already a moderator on another platform, or just have an eagle eye for potential problem items, you will be welcome.

These are voluntary roles to start with, with a commitment of 5 to 10 hours a week. Perks include free use of the SHCA website and being the first in line for full time paid positions in the future. Get in touch via [email protected]

STOP PRESS - Save on the legwork with Prestige Signature Auctions

If you’re short of time, or perhaps if you’ve inherited a coin collection, SHCA will be offering auctions by assignment. From Autumn 2021, this new service includes SHCA arranging the research, authentication, valuation and imaging of coins and collections submitted. Third party experts, like NGC, PNG or PCGS and our own LCGS will also be recommended. SHCA will advise on the best strategies to achieve optimum financial results from sale.

Community, Community, Community

Silverhammer Coin Auctions is on a mission to enrich the already vibrant collectors’ community in the UK.

It’s devoted to encouraging coin collecting and other branches of numismatics for the mutual benefit of dealers, collectors and numismatics itself. It’s all about supporting the whole community; everyone from new amateurs to established dealers, and helping those who are taking their first steps in becoming an authoritative seller. Integrity is at the heart of Silverhammer, and underpins its drive to bring e-numismatics to the next level.

You can find out more by visiting or by downloading the membership pack here.