Introducing Silverhammer Coin Auctions – created by collectors for collectors


09 June 2021
Coming from a slightly different place to many other auction sites, Silverhammer is very deliberately positioning itself as somewhere to really enjoy all things numismatic. 

Yes, it’s a venue where you can buy and sell coins, but it’s much more than that. It’s whole ethos is about encouraging numismatics in the UK and about encouraging the numismatic community generally.

Silverhammer is prioritising community not profit.

It’s encouraging membership from the ranks of numismatic professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs, because it’s all about providing open opportunities to all. It’s a bold new move to breath back real joy into coin collecting.

Safe and secure environment

Silverhammer Coin Auctions provides a safe and secure digital environment to buy and sell coins, old and new. There is a very specific focus on sharing knowledge and information. It’s a safe community where members, with or without experience, can build trust, learn, advise and educate, to mutual advantage. 

As founder, Maciej Zatorski, says:

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'We want to encourage coin collecting as a hobby. It’s the perfect doorway to history and we are keen to involve new young collectors as they develop their knowledge and understanding.

'We’re passionate about coins but more importantly we are passionate about sharing the pleasure we get from coin collecting and from being part of the numismatic community. We’re thrilled to be able to give something back.'

Sign up to the newsletter

You can sign up to Silverhammer’s newsletter quickly and easily by going to

Scroll down to near the foot of the home page – no commitments required, just a name and an email address. It’s simple.

And while you’re there, why not enter their raffle? There’s an 1841 penny on offer, so, whatever your level of experience, it’s got to be worth a go!