Calling numismatic professionals: Silverhammer Coin Auctions needs you – and don’t forget the quiz!


04 June 2021
Silverhammer Coin Auctions is the safe digital platform with a difference. It’s about more than buying and selling coins. It’s about sharing the pleasure and wonder of coin collecting – something that unites professional coin dealers and amateur collectors alike.

At Silverhammer, the ethos is one of encouragement and inclusion, in particular to keep British numismatics as a thriving and healthy environment.

Silverhammer is determined to drive the growth of online auctions, keeping it free from the conflicting interests of some of the larger international companies and the dominance of a few huge auctions portals, which may or may not be run by numismatists.

Maciej Zatorski, Silverhammer’s founder, explained their Mission:

"As eCommerce takes over from face to face dealing, and online trade becoming more and more popular, we thought there was a need for an accessible, moderated and practical solution to keep coin collecting in the UK safe, easy and fair. We want to create a space free of unfair play, high listing fees and unreasonable transaction costs. By creating a safe environment for the community, the community itself will benefit from quality assurance and good financial results."

And this is why the platform is not just for amateur enthusiasts. It’s for coin dealers too.

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Silverhammer are inviting numismatic professionals to join as Founder Members to help strengthen the coin collecting community in the UK. As founders you will be helping to create an online auction site that is dedicated to numismatists, and which is built to give everyone a fair and enjoyable experience.

Find out more by visiting or by downloading the membership pack here.

And before you go, for a bit of fun, take the Silverhammer Coin Auctions online quiz!