Coin Collector magazine

Coin Collector is your bi-monthly guide to the world of coins, packed with advice, information and inspiration to help you improve your knowledge and your collection.

  • Gain knowledge to build your collection (and save money!)
  • Get all the information you need to build your collection
  • Be inspired to create a fascinating collection

Since its launch in 2018, Coin Collector has become one of the most popular coin magazines in the UK, with a growing community of subscribers enjoying the magazine's mix of:

  • Price guides and scarcity indexes
  • Advice on buying and selling
  • In-depth articles on historic coinage
  • Tips to help you build your collection
  • Expert opinion on the coin market

The content covers all topics and periods, from rare Roman coins to the latest 50p coins issue by The Royal Mint.

Regular highlights in the magazine include:

  • Updates and advice on the latest modern coins, including exclusive articles from the experts at Change Checker.
  • Banknotes, medals and tokens are also covered in each issue, as we explore the world of collecting money in all its forms.

As well as publishing a print edition Coin Collector is also available in digital format, allowing you to download the latest issue straight away, whenever, wherever you are.